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Team Members

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Representative Director CEO / Co-Founder

Yasutomo Matsuoka

Born and raised in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, graduated from Eiko Gakuen Junior and Senior High School in the city, and graduated from the Department of Architecture at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Studied and completed information technology at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies. Joined Takenaka Corporation in 2006,

Engaged in research and development specializing in IoT at the Technology Research Institute. In 2014, we developed the large 3D printer "ArchiFab" through joint research with Keio University. Studied data science and AI for 2 years at UC Berkeley EECS in the US as a company-mandated study abroad program and started working in Silicon Valley at the same time.

After coming into contact with upculture, he established an open innovation department after returning to Japan. In the process of supporting collaboration with construction tech startups, it is necessary to implement internally developed technologies in society.

I felt this was the case and started looking for a new business.

A newly developed large-sized machine as a specially appointed associate professor at Keio University.

Utilizing the technology of the 3D printer “ArchiFab Mai”,

In order to contribute to solving social issues through plastic resource circulation,

Founded DigitalArchi Co., Ltd.

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Director CIO/Co-founder

Hironao Takizawa

Born in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. Graduated from Kyosei Gakuen and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Faculty of Life Science and Engineering. Engaged in passenger system development and corporate planning work at ANA Group. At Nippon Web Concepts Co., Ltd.

After working as a PM to promote the use of Metaverse,

Established T-Spot Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of representative director.

System development and aviation systems using the metaverse

Developing related businesses. In addition, as a researcher at KMD Research Institute, I am involved in research that uses software to define various phenomena in physical space.

work on. DX promotion advisor in Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture.

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CFO / Co-founder Certified Public Accountant/Tax Accountant

Miraya Imai

After working at Fujitsu, EY, and IBCS, he served as CFO at GLADD and Cinnamon AI. Visiting Entrepreneur at Keio University.

Certified public accountant, tax accountant.

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Hidekazu Tanaka

Born in Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, joined 3M Japan Co., Ltd. as a new graduate, and was in charge of marketing in the industrial market at the Commercial Care Division, which handles cleaning products and safety products , and then moved to corporate sales at the Automotive Industry Systems Division. Engaged. Business production specializing in new business development

At the company, in the areas of 0 → 1, 1 → 10 , such as formulating company-wide strategies for new business development, system design, and demonstration experiments,

We support many companies as escorts, mentoring, and training instructors. Co-founded norm. Co., Ltd., which operates a multifaceted business including lodging/private hotel business, outdoor wedding business, plant-based food business, and regional revitalization.

Representative of Brocco LLC.

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Tech Team

Hiroyuki Tachikawa

Graduated from Nihon University College of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, and Keio University Graduate School of Media and Policy Studies.

In order to apply 3D printers to large-sized objects,

Perform tool path development. Currently enrolled in VUILD and

Responsible for woodworking, video editing, and Gcode for 3D printing.

He owns a pellet-type 3D printer and archives his production know-how on YouTube. As a Udemy instructor, he runs a course on creating data for 3D printing.

Achieved bestseller.


Director CRO/Co-founder

Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University

Hiroya Tanaka

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, completed Kyoto University's Faculty of Comprehensive Human Studies, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies (master's course), and the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering (doctoral course). Ph.D. (Engineering).

Specialties include design engineering, 3D/4D printing,

Circular urban design. Became a lecturer at Keio University SFC in 2005, an associate professor in 2008, and a professor in 2016.

In 2010, he studied abroad at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a visiting researcher. In 2014, we conducted large-scale 3D research in collaboration with Takenaka Corporation.

Starting with the development of the printer "ArchiFab",

Promoting research on large pellet 3D printers, Tokyo 2020

At the Olympic and Paralympic Games, 100 podiums will be constructed using 24.5 tons of recycled plastic collected from all over the country.

Supervises production. Graduates of the laboratory have worked at numerous design tech companies such as VUILD, Nature Architects, Sekisai, and Bite Bytes.

Founding a company. Currently working as a research leader for a large-scale national project.

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CXO / Co-Founder

Kenji Hamachi

Joined a system/network integrator.

Sales, business planning, marketing of new services

In charge of promotion. After that, he received an MBA from Waseda University.

(Management Strategy). Entrepreneur at accelerator

Responsible for education and hands-on programs, planning and operation of new business creation programs, and leading the development of business creation education content. In addition to planning, operating, and general supervision of programs that provide entrepreneurial mentoring and business creation environments, we also provide various programs/curricula.

We promote development, event business planning and management to revitalize the business creation ecosystem, development of business creation tools, planning and trial of business creation support systems, execution of investment projects, and building business creation networks. After serving as COO of Spiral Co., Ltd.,

Currently representative employee of OpenCrucible LLC, IoT communications

Infrastructure startups and education startups

External advisor and practitioner for management, starting GX overseas

Served as a supporter for Up (Thailand) to expand into Japan. JAMSTEC's externally invited staff, JST's Japan-ASEAN multi-stakeholders

Consultancy Forum (Thailand) and NEDO

Globally oriented startup support program, etc.

He also has experience in giving lectures and lectures.

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Susumu Yagi

Toin Gakuen Secondary Education School, Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

graduation. Planned and operated a new business creation program, the first in the company , at Persol Group, which provides comprehensive human resources services.

Engaged in enterprise sales at a venture company.
After that, we started an emergency medical venture with researchers who are life savers.

Founded PECPET Co., Ltd. and became COO.

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Tech Team

Tsuyasu Chinen

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.

Currently enrolled in the same graduate school (Graduate School of Media and Policy Studies).

Conversion process from design data to 3D printing toolpaths

Perform development. Since my undergraduate days, I have been conducting research on design and data design for large-scale 3D printing.

He is also employed at Sekisai Co., Ltd., which specializes in 3D printing designs.

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Tech Team

Takumi Torii

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.

Currently enrolled in the same graduate school (Graduate School of Media and Policy Studies).

Develops control system and UI for robot arm.

He has experience working part-time at Shigeru Ban Architectural Design and a space tech venture.

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