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Digital Archi Japan

Revolutionizing the Process
of Architecture 



[Notice of adoption of JST's SUCCESS (SUpport program of Capital Contribution to Early-Stage companies)]
DigitalArchi has been selected for JST's SUCCESS (SUpport program of Capital Contribution to Early-Stage companies) .


[Winner of the ICC FUKUOKA 2024 Real Tech Catapult]

We won the Real Tech Catapult at the Industry Co-Creation (ICC) Summit FUKUOKA 2024 (19-22 February 2024).





Using our independently developed large 3D printer,

We create construction resin concrete forms, interior and exterior panels, etc.

We manufacture and sell building materials made from recycled plastic, realizing a truly sustainable society through the optimization of resources.

Our Mission

Revolutionizing the Process of Architecture

Architecture that supports our society requires a great amount of human resource. Knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation has evolved craftsmanship throughout human history. Realizing that we live in an aging urban infrastructure and constantly changing lifestyles, it is our goal to be at the forefront of developing sustainable and efficient solutions for the betterment of society. 

The most important parts of architecture are design, design supervision, construction and construction management. In the field of construction we provide new cutting edge methods that meet the demands of the times by bringing digital technology and design freedom to architecture. 

We envision a new future in the process of architecture. 

Our Vision




Streamlined with Software




Contributing to Earth




Keeping the Human Touch

Our Values

Be Collaborative

DigitalArchi supports collaboration and cooperation beyond companies and teams.

Cherish creating together and praise each other to cultivate a healthy corporate culture.

Be Professional

As professionals, DigitalArchi is committed to solving problems and distinguishing between the rights, wrongs, and everything in between.


DigitalArchi teaches and learns beyond job types and positions,

We value the attitude of being open about information,

We will continue to be a group of experts with cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Hands-On Approach

At DigitalArchi, we keep in mind that the challenges are on the ground, we strive to understand the workplace, regardless of job type or position.

Better Social Impact

DigitalArchi's impact on society is

Choose the bigger path.

Think and Try

DigitalArchi challenges uncertainty and the unknown

As a startup, we spare no effort in thinking and communicating for better hypotheses and better verification.

CEO Message

"Innovating the construction process with digital technology,
Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society"

CEO / Co-founder

Yasutomo Matsuoka 

I love architecture.

Architecture, created through the collaboration of many people, is the culmination of knowledge, skills, and feelings that everyone involved can take pride in.

We at Digital Archi aim to become skilled artisans using modern technology—3D printers.

Using the planes and saws of the digital age, we want to share the joy of building with many people.

We will reconsider the fundamentals of architectural construction and put into practice sustainable construction methods suitable for the new era.

I am very much looking forward to the possibility of working together with all of you who are visiting this website.

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